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Dear Beloved…

If you aren’t there,

Do you think I care?

Yet there’s a stinging pain penetrating my soul,

For the person who’s not there anymore.

The vacant rooftop laments your absence;

The melancholy moon seeks your essence;

When dawn finally vanquishes night with a kiss,

 When the golden fingers of sun light up my face,

Your doting warmth no longer fills my days.

Desolation tightens my heart,

My love, can you fathom the number of days I have yearned,

Just to see your soulful smile unaltered?

March means so much to me. Feelings which I have never felt brought to words, only to provide you all A GOOD READ. This poem (my second) can be dedicated to any person we love but haven’t seen in ages for a grudge- from selfless parents to loved ones who have gone forever, loved ones we won’t ever meet, our sole regret-only if we buried the hatchet then.


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