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The Last Day

Do you remember the last day of school?

When the sun shone, but the weather felt cool,

When the squirrel darted along the bushes but was not chased,

It was a day, whose memories in your mind will never be erased.

A bittersweet feeling reigned throughout the towering exam halls

The halls inside which you were once petrified, looked at you teary-eyed,

They then felt like a storm that had come to make you stronger, a bitter tonic that had made you bona fide.

The half sweet feeling had a little bitter mixed in it too, so then, it was just a totally bitter feeling

To leave the place you once begged not to attend, the place you cried to be free from.

The feelings were different then, they truly were,

For you were leaving the place that was, in truth, your home.

The musty scent of books, the monotonous whirring of the fans,

not to mention the buzz of the period bell,

All of which once seemed insufferable, now seemed desirable.

The thing that you yet hadn’t fathomed then came to mind-

There would be no football matches, no more sharing lunch, no peeking over another’s answers,

No more of the jokes that made you chortle in the middle of the assembly,

That made those unendurable days, a little more durable.

A trickle of tear dropped down your cheek,

And the feeling of acknowledgment sank in-

It was indeed the last day;

The end of the painstaking early mornings and the fear of detention,

The end of everything merry and gay,

It was indeed the last day.

This is the first-ever poem I’ve ever composed in my life, just scribbled something after an arduous streak of exams at 1:00 am. Posting it here, because I feel it explicates not only what I felt in my last day of school(LJS), but also resonates with many others, for I sure never peeked over another’s copy. Sincerely hoping that there will be no one who won’t be transported down the lane of nostalgia.

I would also like to add that I literally always thought that I did not have it in me to write a poem, but see, here I am, so- NEVER, NEVER LIMIT YOURSELF IN ANYTHING, since: The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all.

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